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With over 19 years experience in optometry we at For Eyes focus on providing a thorough clinical sight test second to none - this after all is the most important part of getting your final spectacles right - you will experience a personal service from the consulting room to picking beautiful spectacles from a range with charm and charisma (or replacing the lenses in your own frame if you are still happy with it).

Unfortunately the optics industry has become one in which the consumer has just become a number on a soulless conveyor belt, left feeling confused about your optical needs and then purchasing spectacles that are mundane and commonplace - can you relate? At For Eyes you will find we understand your needs fully and find individual spectacles that make you look and feel unique!

Clear Results

Human eyes are accustomed to a restricted visual field without realizing it. However we all prefer to watch our favourite movies on a large screen rather than on a small portable TV. Performing over 100,000 movements per day, our eyes also needs a wide field of vision and constant optical stabilisation.

To capitalise on the accurate sight test only lenses from leading maufacturers are used to relay the CLEAR RESULTS whether its spectacles or contact lenses you desire.
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